Comfort and Savings

Replacing an older unit with a high-efficiency one can begin saving you money on your very first bill.  Today’s HVAC equipment produces more even and consistent levels of airflow, which means your home will be more comfortable to live in without large energy bills.

Air Flow

High-efficiency systems have variable speed motors that ensure airflow at the perfect level throughout your home. Variable speed motors increase the static pressures in your ducts, giving you more air at each register. Along with better airflow, variable speed motors operate at super energy efficient levels, allowing you to run your fan year-round, filtering the air constantly without a major jump in the power bills.


Older models begin to shake, rattle, and roll every time they start a cycle. Today’s modern equipment has sound-absorbing materials in place that ensure your equipment is felt but not heard.

Environmental Impact

If going green is important to you, an upgrade will point you in the right direction. High-efficiency systems use up to one-third less fuel than older models, which means they help conserve more of our natural resources.

Increased Resale Value

Thinking of selling your home in the next few years? A new high-efficiency HVAC system can give your home the leading edge. Prospective home buyers look for benefits, and this can be a major checkpoint on their list. And by installing now, you can easily show the difference it makes in the utility bills.

Call us to discuss options to see if this makes sense for your home.